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3.10. 2017 BioTurku®

BioTreffit and Tekes Health Tuesday

Tykistökatu 4 B

Turku Science Park Ltd is organising the BioTreffit and Tekes Health Tuesday event in SparkUp in ElectroCity, Tykistökatu 4 b, Turku, Entrance from 1st floor, meeting room Silo 2nd floor.

Start at 07:45.

Register here for the event no later than the 28th of September 2017.

8:00  Webcast from Helsinki with the theme Robotics in Healthcare
Opening words, Kari Kataja, Programme Manager, Tekes

8:05 “Gaining Competitive Edge With AiRo” Finnish National AiRo Program – A Guide to New Health and Wealth
Artificial intelligence and Robotics today, Key opportunities for healthcare. A look into the future Cristina Andersson, Develor

Robotics opportunity perspectives with IBM
Come and get IBM's perspectives on the impact of robotics and converging trends of A.I. and Augmented & Virtual Reality, and hear how Finland is in prime position to capitalise on these technologies across Healthcare and beyond. Hear how IBM is working closely with AiRo island and other Nordic ecosystems including universities and start-ups to solve some complex challenges and stimulate growth.
Patrick Halford, IBM Nordics

8:45 Local presentation - Virtual reality surgery planning
Adesante, Pasi Porramo