20.4. 2011 Ict

Ixonos commences co-operation negotiations

The goal of the negotiations is to adjust the company's cost structure to the decelerated growth as well as to improve the company's ability to maintain the best possible profitability.

Ixonos' entire personnel in Finland are in the scope of the negotiations, with the exception of the personnel of Ixonos Business Solutions Ltd. The negotiations are estimated to impact no more than 100 people in the Group's administration, support functions, sales and service production. As part of the reorganization, the company plans to close down the production of mobile device R&D services in its offices in Salo and Turku. CEO Kari Happonen says in Turun Sanomat newspaper that co-operation negotiations will concern 30 people in Turku and Salo. It is possible that the Business Solutions unit will go on in Turku. The unit does not belong to the negotiations.

Besides Finland, similar reorganization of operations and rationalization procedures are planned to be carried out in Ixonos Group's foreign subsidiaries.

In accordance with its strategy, Ixonos continues the activities to expand its clientele by boosting sales of services and solutions to mobile technology suppliers, mobile device manufacturers, consumer electronics manufacturers and other customers operating in Finland and internationally.