20.11. 2017 Kuukauden kasvo

SHIFT 2018 presents a new venue

For two years now the medieval Castle of Turku and its beautiful Castle Park have been the home of the main event of SHIFT Business Festival. Now, SHIFT is getting bigger, turning already three years old in 2018 - it's time to shake things around a bit and make a move to a new venue! SHIFT 2018 invites you to do business in the exotic, bold and inspiring environment of a former prison - Kakolan Lääni - in the heart of Turku.

In 2017 The SHIFT took place in the surroundings of the Turku Castle.

"The Castle offered an amazing start for SHIFT and it will always have a special place in SHIFT community's heart - and we will definitely continue cooperation - but in the coming year, the main event of SHIFT 2018 will be held at the former County Prison at Kakola, Kakolan Lääni. The prison has all the exotic vibes that SHIFT needs, but also a more bolder feeling to really facilitate positively radical questioning of the status quo, which we want to foster at SHIFT.", explains Producer Heidi Vainio-Pekka.

Durind the spring, a versatile event environment for 4000 visitors will be built inside the prison walls. The main event, as well as the legendary After Party will now take place in Kakolan Lääni. The prison yard, as well as parts of the old prison inside, will host multiple stages and workshop areas, in which business program will be held.

On top of that, SHIFT will be full of art installations and performances to challenge your thinking and create a setting for discussion and encounters between visitors. At SHIFT on May 22th - 23rd 2018, the Kakolan Lääni will be almost unchanged from the years of its service as a prison. Get your ticket now, and join the business experience of a lifetime!