17.3. 2017 BioTurku®

ArcDia’s mariPOC® enters the Latin American market

Turku-based ArcDia International Ltd. has signed an agreement with Inversiones Naturalia S.A. for the distribution of ArcDia’s mariPOC® test system in the emerging Latin American market. Dr Oscar Bulgim, the Chief Medical Officer at Inversiones Naturalia is taking the lead in the marketing of mariPOC® in Panama and its neighbouring countries. Below, Dr Bulgim shares his insights into the market demand for mariPOC® in Latin America.

Dr Bulgim, what’s your background?

Mainly science: biology, internal medicine, gastroenterology, endoscopic therapeutic surgery and forensic medicine. The core of my training was done at the Gastroenterology Research Centre at Leeds General Infirmary and Saint James’s University Hospital in Leeds, England, and at several London teaching hospitals, and later in the EU, USA and Brazil.

At present, we are devoted to establishing all necessary metabolic and biomolecular laboratory tests for the early diagnosis of the most prevalent transmissible disease and chronic non-transmissible diseases. This spirit has led us to the performance of many predictive laboratory tests – only distributed by us in the Americas. ArcDia’s mariPOC® has become the newest of these, and is the most wonderful experience.

How did you first get interested in mariPOC®?

During the October 2015 EPMA meeting in Bonn, Germany, I came across a leaflet that briefly described mariPOC®’s principles. This gave me a very strong sense of déjà vu, which I followed up upon my return to Panama. I contacted ArcDia and got bitten by the contagious mariPOC® fever, transmitted by Mr Pekka Rahikkala.

How do mariPOC® products compare with other brands?

mariPOC® is in a class of its own in many ways, providing obvious benefits for all markets and superseding its next of kin. This is true because of its impressive accuracy and operative flexibility at all levels of medical care. More than 85% of initial diagnostics queries are at the primary and secondary medical care levels, and here mariPOC®’s competitors arrive late and are unnecessarily expensive. This is why we will see mariPOC® either sitting alone, or fiercely competing alongside its more expensive runner-up siblings in the laboratories of major hospitals.

mariPOC®, although being a biomolecular assay platform, has advantages such as being financially competitive, fast, reproducible and easy to use, making it readily accessible and amenable to the private and public sector in many ways.

Finally, mariPOC® blends perfectly into our “Viva más de 100 años” (“Live more than a 100 years”). It is a national evidence-based, preventive health programme in Panama for continuous nationwide education. In this sense, mariPOC® has a major role to play as an educational platform in further teaching professionals and laymen about how to manage common infections, and how to battle against emerging antibiotics resistance.

This is my view of mariPOC® and as presumptuous as it may sound, I believe it to be the unmistakable truth. You could say that it is the mariPOC® fever.

About ArcDia

ArcDia International Ltd is the manufacturer of mariPOC®, the world’s first multianalyte point-of-care diagnostics test for respiratory tract and gastrointestinal infections. ArcDia aims to expand the mariPOC® product line to cover the most common infections and antimicrobial resistance markers.

About Inversiones Naturalia (www.naturaliapanama.com)

Inversiones Naturalia S.A. distributes different applications and services for both the preventive health care and therapeutic fields. Inversiones Naturalia provides its customers with different product ranges named Lab, Food, Sports, Pharmacy, and Surgery.