19.12. 2016 BioTurku®

Abomics Ltd starts collaboration with Europe's largest laboratory services provider

The Turku-based Abomics Ltd has signed a collaboration agreement with Europe’s largest laboratory services provider, Synlab.


Turku-based Abomics exports health technology in association with a big laboratory services provider.

The collaboration between Abomics and Synlab is based on combining the solid pharmacogenetic know-how of Abomics and the wide range of services that Synlab provides. Using pharmacogenetics in practical medication is constantly becoming more common. Synlab extends its range of services with the precise and reliable interpretation of genetic tests that the Finnish company enables.

Europe's leading laboratory services provider Synlab offers services for the purposes of medicine, veterinary medicine and environmental analytics. In addition to Finland, the company has offices in over 30 countries, focusing on the European market. Synlab employs more than 13,000 people and it is known as the international pioneer company in its industry.

Future technology becomes more common rapidly

Pharmacogenetics is a branch of science of pharmacology and it studies hereditary factors’ relevance in medicinal substances’ metabolism and effects in patiens. Pharmacogenetics only studies a small fragment of the human genome and it does not aim at for example find out the heredity of diseases. Pharmacogenetics enables the prescription of the right medicine with the correct dosage and in the right time, making medication safer and more personalised.

The use of pharmacogenetics is rapidly increasing in healthcare and Synlab's extensive partner network and international know-how enable a considerable trade-expansion for Abomics. This significant export agreement of health services offers the Finnish genomic data expert company good grounds for continuing expansion to new countries and language areas.