9.9. 2016 Blogi

Let’s reboot Turku and Finland!

”The need for building new networks will never be over. Our duty to find or build new networks will be emphasised in the future”, our new CEO ponders in his blog entry.

I wonder if now is a good time to reminisce the structural change of the maritime cluster that took place around six years ago. The views of a national working group, the media and various experts stated that maritime industry is a sunset industry in Finland. Similar belittling attitude has been directed in Finland from time to time at the forestry industry and the entire manufacturing industry – not to mention the cutting of the funding to the pharmaceutical and diagnostics industries about ten years ago. What’s wrong with us? Meyer Turku Oy just announced the building of two new luxury cruise liners. Their order portfolio is full to the year 2022, the longest ever period during the history of the shipyard.

Last summer we were in Suomi-Areena and participated in initiating the Reboot Finland project launched by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy and Tekes which aims at giving Finland a new start. When Finland will be 100 years old next year, we should have at least 100 completed hackathons. The key issues are finding new ways, swiftness, new business, building of networks, and certain kind of openness. These virtues or values can also be easily used as the basis of the operations for the renewing Turku Science Park Ltd.

It’s not always easy to renew yourself, however; to come up with something new. But that’s exactly what is expected from us now. I think of our work community like society in miniature. There is experience, expertise, youthful enthusiasm, entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and artistic approach, courage, sales orientation, courtesy, social relations, and energy. We have all the ingredients for success in our own hands. That’s also the case with enterprises, and with Finnish summer sports.

The need for building new networks will never be over. Our duty to find or build new networks will be emphasised in the future. We have already set up new networks, such as Turku Future Technologies, Smart Chemistry Park and Smart City. We want to develop efficient networks at a new level by creating a Life Science accelerator. SparkUp has initiated a start-up community. The services of Potkuri are being developed together with private-sector services. Business angels need a stronger network in our region. The experience industry including games, movies and tourism lies at the centre of the development. Involving the digital aspect in all operations will take us as pioneers to the next sixth wave. So stay on board building one of the most efficient regional networks in the world. Together we will connect it to the rest of the world.

Niko Kyynäräinen
The writer started on 1 July 2016 as the CEO of the renewing Turku Science Park Ltd which is strengthened with the personnel and operations of the Turku Region Development Centre.