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Entrepreneur through generation change

Last spring, Kaisa Ruohonen realised her dream of a beauty parlour of her own by buying the business of a company that had been operating in Raisio for a long time. She was assisted in the decision-making process by the Turku Region Business Service Centre Potkuri.

Kaisa Ruohonen pursued the beauty therapist studies straight after her matriculation examination. After graduating she worked nearly 15 years as a private trader in different beauty parlours.

”I had plenty of work and worked mostly in two places, Pikku-Fiini in Lieto and Sininen Hetki in Raisio. Gradually I accumulated my own customers in both of them. Some of the customers came to both parlours and I also made home calls”, Ms Ruohonen says.

Little by little the operations of both beauty parlours expanded so much that Ms Ruohonen no longer had the time for the both of them. So she decided to focus on the customers in Raisio.

In 2015, Raija Granholm, the entrepreneur in Sininen Hetki began to talk about retiring, and Kaisa Ruohonen considered buying the business. Advantages included the good company name and recognition, existing premises and familiar customer base.

Problems in the way

The negotiations lasted for months, however, before the details of the sale could be agreed on.

”Determining the price was one of the biggest questions, and what would be included in the price. In that regard I received useful assistance from Business Advisor Markku Määttänen in the Turku Region Business Service Centre Potkuri. I had to think how I’m able to finance the purchase and make an estimate on the turnover. Mr Määttänen advised me to seek for help in financing from Finnvera, and I did get support from them”, Kaisa Ruohonen says.

She also asked advice from her accounting firm, but the accountant did not recommend the purchase at all but was against it. Based on a tip by Mr Määttänen, Kaisa Ruohonen found another accounting firm that had handled such deals before and received many practical pieces of advice. She also changed accountants.

If they could not have agreed on the terms of the deal, the other alternative would have been to set up a new beauty parlour.

For Ms Ruohonen the name of the company was very important. She had always liked the name Sininen Hetki (blue moment), and as blue happens to be her favourite colour, it suited her very well.

”When I looked into it, I found out that the name had not been registered like I had thought, and I couldn’t start using it right away, because it was already being used by two other beauty parlours. Luckily I managed to agree on the use of the name directly with them. The same name does not bother, because the other companies are located in different parts of the country.”

Something old, something new

The new start of beauty parlour Sininen Hetki last spring was slightly complicated, because water damage occurred in the rented premises, and the company had to relocate to temporary premises nearby on Tasalanaukio square in Raisio. On the other hand, Kaisa Ruohonen had the chance to participate in planning the renovation of the premises, because the deal had been agreed on before the damage occurred.

The new entrepreneur is optimistic by nature and likes to work among people. She looks positively into the future of her company and is particularly happy that she can make everything the way she likes. The renovated premises are decorated with blue details.

”It has started out even better than I expected. New customers have also found their way here, and it benefits us that the Exuviance product range that we offer does not have many representatives in the region. I like to use it because it’s provedly efficient, medicating and is suited to treating many skin problems”, she says.

One of the new services in the beauty parlour is 3D pigmentation which is used, for example, to make the eyebrows look natural. The customer base is broad, and the company provides e.g. foot treatment for the elderly. Ms Ruohonen has also noticed that it’s now natural for men to come to treatment. She is assisted when necessary by the former owner and two students who will soon graduate as beauty therapists.

Activities at home and in girl scouts

Kaisa Ruohonen and her family live in a detached house in Moisio district in Turku which is only a short drive away from Raisio town centre. The family of four comprises of husband and two teenage children. The 18-year-old daughter completed her Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration in the spring but still lives at home. The son is in comprehensive school and his football playing takes up also the parents’ time. The family spends their holidays at a lakeside summer cottage in East Finland where the children also like to go.

”My old dear hobby is girl scouts and I’ve continued in my troop called Lätynkääntäjät in Lauste district as an adult. I know the crowd and it’s fun to be with young people and it doesn’t take up too much time. We adults take turns in leading the groups of the youngest girl scouts”, she says.

Her working hours often extend to the evening, which limits the leisure time, and Kaisa Ruohonen regularly relaxes her muscles in yoga to counterbalance the work. She spends some time on gardening but does not admit to having a green thumb.

Text and photos: Anne Kortela


Kaisa Ruohonen

- Born in 1974 in Turku, lives in Turku
- Entrepreneur, beauty therapist (SKY)


- 1993 Matriculation examination, Turun Lyseon lukio
- 1995 Beauty therapist, Aninkainen Vocational Institute


- 1995–2000 short substitute position, e.g. Deltamarin/telephone exchange, Gasthaus Henri, receptionist, maternity leave substitute at beauty parlours Pikku-Fiini in Lieto and Sininen Hetki in Raisio
- 2000 beauty therapist/freelancer, private trader Kaisa Ruohonen, main locations Pikku-Fiini and Sininen Hetki

- 2/2016 own company: Beauty parlour Sininen Hetki Tmi on Tasalanaukio in Raisio

Family: husband and two teenage children

Hobbies: girl scouts, yoga