1.7. 2016 Muut uutiset

The operations of Turku Region Development Centre are now run by Turku Science Park Ltd

The organisations of providers of business services in the Turku region are changing at the beginning of July. All operations and personnel of Turku Region Development Centre will be integrated into Turku Science Park Ltd as of 1 July 2016.

For more than 25 years, Turku Science Park Ltd has supported innovative and research-oriented business operations by bringing together universities, enterprises and the public sector in accordance with the triple helix model. The operations of Turku Region Development Centre focus on promoting entrepreneurship and business operations as well as implementation of the business policy co-operation between the 11 municipalities in the region. Many new starting entrepreneurs have become familiar e.g. with the Turku Region Business Service Center Potkuri.

“Over the years, a business cluster has emerged in the Turku Science Park area. On the other hand, innovation, digitalisation, globalisation, and the rapid development of technologies have eliminated the boundaries between industries and providers. With that background, the innovation agreement made two years ago and the business agreement of the municipalities in the Turku region signed at the beginning of this summer provide an answer to the challenges presented by the new operating environment. It is natural that the services of Turku Region Development Centre and Turku Science Park Ltd are merged and form a consistent organisation that promotes the business operations in the whole of Turku region”, says Niko Kyynäräinen, CEO of the new Turku Science Park Ltd.

Turku Science Park Ltd’s previous focal areas in the life science, ICT and chemistry/cleantech sectors will continue and be complemented by the future technologies sector that serves especially the manufacturing industry, and the experience industry that covers, for example, games and movies.

“The already familiar operations and services of both organisations, such as SparkUp, Potkuri, BioTurku, Turku Future Technologies, and the West Finland Film Commission will continue as per usual. In the next few months the organisation of Turku Science Park Ltd will, however, be rearranged, and some operations and services may be renamed.”

Mr Kyynäräinen reminds that the most important thing is to create a simple one-stop shop for services to entrepreneurs.

“A low threshold for using the services is important to promoting entrepreneurship and new business. It’s one tool by which the renewing Turku Science Park Ltd wishes to strengthen the growth potential of the Turku region and serve all member municipalities”, Niko Kyynäräinen says.