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Tarpaulin Oy’s gains from a seminar

"Tarpaulin Oy would have participated in seminars arranged by Turku Science Park already previously if they had known about them."

Based in Rusko, protective cover manufacturer Tarpaulin Oy participated last spring for the first time in a materials seminar arranged by Turku Science Park Ltd. The company was represented by a team of three. This autumn, Markku Larikka, one of the owners of the company, told that they had gathered in the event contacts and ideas which they have already put forward. He also said that the company would have participated in seminars arranged by Turku Science Park already previously if he had known about them.

Tarpaulin Oy is a company that hasn’t got stuck in old ways or slowed down despite its honourable age of nearly 65 years. Development work is carried out continuously, and new ideas are tested boldly. Working alone is hard, though, and you easily end up circling on the same track. That’s why it’s good to meet people from other companies and hear what is being done elsewhere.

From idea to prototype in six months

Tarpaulin Oy manufactures customised protective covers for machinery and equipment for transportation and outdoor storage. Customers include nearly all major equipment manufacturers. The covers are made from the best materials, and secure fixing and good functioning are guaranteed by technical details. A finished cover can be easily opened and closed and the customer’s logo is shown visibly. Tarpaulin Oy’s other products include different halls and weather guards, rolling protective walls, covers for sludge pools, and door curtains.

After the seminar on material applications for companies in the spring, Tarpaulin took swift action and started co-operation with another company that participated in the seminar. When the next event on material applications for companies was arranged this autumn, Tarpaulin’s representative already had with them a prototype of the product created as a result of the co-operation. The development continues, of course, but tangible results were achieved in just six months.

Opportunities for co-operation

Turku Science Park Ltd arranges events like this for companies in Turku and the neighbouring municipalities, but is not always informed about whether new co-operation has been set up. This time both companies were present also in the next event to tell about their co-operation. These material seminars were characterised by a particularly positive atmosphere and lively discussion. Participating in just one seminar can sometimes grow into a new branch for the future of a company – and sometimes a whole tree. So don’t hesitate to come to our events!

Liisa Laurikko
The writer is Senior Advisor in process and material technologies in Turku Science Park Ltd.

Turku Science Park Ltd and Brahea Centre at the University of Turku arrange together a series of seminars under the title Material applications for companies. The theme of the seminar arranged in May was surfaces, surface material and coatings. In November the subject was interface phenomena, modelling and networking. The next seminar will be held in spring 2016.