8.10. 2015 Ict

LG opens new r&d lab in Turku Science Park

LG Electronics announced the opening of its newest R&D facility, LG Electronics Finland Lab Oy based in Turku, Finland. The Finland Lab will join LG’s global network of research and development centers and report to LG’s Chief Technology Officer Dr. Skott Ahn. Turku Site Chosen for High Concentration of RF Knowledge and Expertise.

The lab will be the center for radio frequency (RF) solutions and RF integrated circuits related to 5G mobile technology. Beyond RF solutions, the lab will also focus on other areas of grow, such as the “Internet of Things” and smart homes.

“We are continuously on the lookout for opportunities to expand our R&D capabilities in the wireless sector where our history and experience runs very deep, said Dr. Skott Ahn. “The capability and knowledge that exists in our new team in Turku will be critically important as we move into the 5G and IoT era. We are tremendously proud to have the Finland Lab as part of our global R&D network.”

The new lab is located in the Electrocity Building of Turku Science Park. LG selected Turku as the location for the new lab due to its world-leading talent pool of radio frequency experts, which developed over the years to support the mobile communications industry in the region. LG plans to invest in Turku long-term.

“LG’s decision to open its R&D facility in Turku is great news for the whole city,” said Turku Mayor Aleksi Randell in welcoming the global technology company to the city. “The future of innovation in Turku depends on companies such as LG investing in our storied city. We hope for a long and prosperous partnership with LG.”