6.2. 2015 BioTurku®

European journalists learned about life science know-how in Turku

Eight European journalists visited Turku Science Park at the beginning of February. The writers specialising in the life science sector arrived in Finland for a three-day visit that started with an introduction of the top expertise in drug development and diagnostics in Turku.

Rikumatti Levomäki, CEO of Turku Science Park Ltd, welcomed the journalists and provided them with background information about the company and the Turku region.

Part of the Economic Information Office, Finnfacts annually arranges numerous international media visits which promote the recognition of the Finnish business world. The arrangements for the visit in Turku were provided by Turku Science Park Ltd.

“During the day, the journalists heard a number of presentations on the positive co-operation between the universities, companies and the City, and the BioTurku cluster created as a result thereof. We wanted the presentations to tell the audience a story about the traditions, present day and also future outlook of the pharmaceutical and diagnostic expertise in Turku”, says Tero Karhi who focuses on the internationalisation of biotechnology in Turku Science Park.

Academic and business perspectives

The journalists from France, Germany, England and Russia also visited Orion’s drug development unit in Turku and the PET Centre of the University of Turku. They were very interested in the operations of the University of Turku, Åbo Akademi University and enterprises in Turku. The concept of Auria Biobank also attracted interest and questions.

“We highlighted the business perspective especially in the afternoon addresses. A key theme was the large and globally operating PerkinElmer’s positive experiences in Turku, but also newer SMEs that continue the traditions of, for example, drug development, diagnostics and imaging.”

After a 24-hour stay in Turku the journalists returned to Helsinki where they visited e.g. the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland.

Antti Haapalinna, Vice President, R&D at Orion introduced the pharmaceutical plant to the visiting journalists.