28.10. 2014 Turku Science Park Oy

Turku Science Park Ltd launches The Best Business Path competition

Turku Science Park Ltd launches a business idea competition for the researchers, research groups and teachers in the universities and research institutes in Turku. The purpose of the competition is to encourage the academic staff to find new ideas, products or services with considerable commercial potential, as well as promoting the establishing of new enterprises. 

The participants shall fill out and submit the competition entry form plus a free-form summary with 10–15 ppt slides on the idea. The summary shall include a description of the business idea and its commercialisation, the market potential of the idea, and a proposal on how the possible prize money could be used to generate added value in the further development or commercialisation of the idea.

The competition entry and free-form presentation of the idea shall be submitted by 25 November 2014 to kilpailu@turkusciencepark.com.

- On the basis of the entries and summaries we will pick out the best ideas for the second round where the idea will be pitched to the jury. The winners will be announced before christmas, says Mr. Rikumatti Levomäki, CEO of Turku Science Park Ltd.

Based on the competition entries and the second round, 1–5 best ideas will be awarded, and the total amount of the prizes will be 30,000 euro. The sum will be distributed as determined by the jury for further development and commercialisation of the ideas.