4.6. 2013 BioTurku®

Orion Diagnostica's statutory co-operation negotiations completed

The statutory co-operation negotiations of Orion Diagnostica Oy has ended. About 60 persons will be given a notice. Orion Diagnostica operations in Turku will be terminated.

The statutory co-operation negotiations which were initiated in April in Orion Diagnostica Oy, a subsidiary of Orion Corporation focusing on diagnostic tests, have been completed. As a result, a decision has been made that altogether about 60 persons of the company's personnel in Finland will be given a notice. In addition about 20 people will leave their positions due to a retirement or a fixed term contract.

Orion Diagnostica will streamline its operations and improve the company's profitability among other things by simplifying the product portfolio. According to the original estimate, the negotiations could have led to cutting up to 80 jobs.

About 40 of the above mentioned redundancies will take place in Turku, in which the operations of Orion Diagnostica will be terminated. The other personnel reductions will occur in Espoo and Oulu. In all locations the redundancies will be implemented mainly during 2013. 

Redundancies will not take place in Orion'sPharmaceuticals business in Turku or in other locations.