In the projects list you will find all of our ongoing projects. The project card that opens from the link is an easy-to-print PDF file in which you will find more detailed information in Finnish about the project, its goals and our company’s role in it.

Accelerace Life

Implementation period: 1 Jan 2014 – 30 Jun 2016
Project partners: Karolinska, Stockholm Innovation, Lund, COBIS, Kjeller Innovation
Funded by: Nordic Innovation
Contents: The project will create a Pan-Nordic virtual business development unit for Life Sciences in which the growth of companies is boosted e.g. by using experienced mentors. The project also focuses on internationalisation training.
Duties of TScP Ltd: Partial implementer in Finland.
Contact person in TScP Ltd: Hanna Halme

BalticSatApps (Speeding up Copernicus innovation for the BSR environment and security)

Implementation period: 1 Jul 2017 - 30 Sep 2020
Project partners: Finnish Meteorological Institute, Tartu Science Park, Tartu Observatory, Cracow University of Technology
Funded by: Baltic Sea Region Interreg 2014-2020
Contents: Project aims to increase the market uptake of open satellite data by 1) increasing the awareness and accessibility of the open satellite data; 2) facilitating the open innovation ecosystem that satellite data providers, developer community (ICT professionals and SMEs) and end user community; 3) increasing capacities of local busines development organizations to support most promising busines ideas to develop into mature and sustainable economic activity; and 4) contributing to policy making processes that ensure the accessibility and usability of open satellite data and favor the business development support.
Duties of TScP Ltd: Work package leader for 3rd activity, contribution to activities 2 and 4.
Contact person in TScP Ltd: Timo Huttunen

BiC (Biomarker Commercialization)

Implementation period: 1 Oct 2017 - 30 Sep 2020
Project partners: Ideklinikken Aalborg University HospitalUniversity of Turku; Biopeople University of Copenhagen; BioCon Valley GmbH; Life Science Nord Management GmbH; Tartu Biotechnology Park Ltd; ScanBalt fmba 
Funded by: Baltic Sea Region Interreg 2014-2020
Contents: This project aims to ensure a more successful commercialization of biomarkers in the Baltic Sea Region. Biomarkers is an area which is becoming increasingly important, giving rise to new areas of diagnostic and treatment and is forming the foundation of the new trend of personalized medicine. The consortium has identified a gap in the current commercialization process, which can only be bridged by implementing a new, improved commercialization model, co-created with industry. This project will: Develop a screening procedure for early identification of the best biomarker projects, develop a commercialization model for biomarkers, ensuring early industry involvement and create a BSR Biomarker Ecosystem.
Duties of TScP Ltd: 
Contact person in TScP Ltd: Merja Tieaho



Implementation period: 1.5.2017 - 30.10.2019
Project partners:
BioEconomy Cluster and CLIB 2021, Germany, Green Chemistry Cluster, Poland, BioBasedDelta –cluster, The Netherlands, PNO/ Ciaotech Srl, Italy, Innovation Engineering Srl, Italy, Europe Unlimited,  Belgium and National Technical University of Athens, Greece, Smart Chemsitry Park / Turku Science Park Ltd, Finland.
Funded by: Horizon2020 / Bio-based industries
Contents: The BIOPEN project aims at developing and maintaining an open innovation platform capable to involve industries, research centers and universities. All stakeholders will be able to share knowledge and stimulate joint development for new products and solutions in the bio-based markets. BiOPEN will deliver to the bio-based industry community in Europe a much-needed tool to innovate along and across value-chains, to collect and tag knowledge on bio-based processes and projects and to form new co-innovation partnerships.
Duties of TScP Ltd: Turku Science Park Ltd has a long tradition in supporting the collaboration between different actors (SME’s, universities and public sector) by organising national and international seminars and workshops. During the BIOPEN project Turku Science Park Ltd will help the consortium to organise brokerage events. One brokerage event will be organised in Smart Chemistry Park®. This projects helps bioeconomy companies to find new partners in Europe.
Contact person in TScP Ltd: Reeta Huhtinen

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)

Implementation period: 2015 – 2016
Project partners: ELY Centre of Southwest Finland, Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce, Technopolis Oy, Hermia yrityskehitys Oy, and the Ministry of Employment and the Economy
Funded by: European Commission, Tekes
Contents: Enterprise Europe Network helps SMEs in different phases related to the EU’s internal market, internationalisation and technology transfer. It offers enterprises advice related to EU issues as well as services for finding international partners. Partially funded by the European Commission, EEN operates in around 50 countries, has some 660 member organisations  and employs about 4000 experts in Europe and elsewhere. During the first two years, EEN has had more than two million customers.
Duties of TScP Ltd: New customer prospecting, needs and technology mappings made for customers relating to international partnerships, drawing up of company descriptions to the Technology Cooperation Database, and helping customers with finding the right profiles. In addition, TScP arranges business contact events and enterprise visits with its network partners as per need.
Contact person in TScP Ltd: Timo Huttunen

>> Read more about the EEN project card (PDF in Finnish)


Enterprise ideas through co-operation (Y2)

Implementation period: 1 Aug 2015 – 30 Aug 2017
Project partners: Ukipolis Oy, Yrityssalo Oy, Suomen Humanistinen ammattikorkeakoulu Oy / HUMAK University of Applied Sciences / Turku RDI HUMAK (Business Incubator Creve), and Boost Turku association.
Funded by: European Regional Development Fund (70%)
Contents: The Y2 project will create a new kind of partnership-based, regional co-operation model as part of SparkUp which will offer a clear, inspiring and supported path towards entrepreneurship. Using the model will bring the multi-branch top expertise of enterprise service providers available to all. That will enhance the use of the existing resources and improve the availability and quality of the services offered. The co-operation model will remain a permanent element of the regional enterprise services. In addition to creating a co-operation model, the Y2 project will pilot new kind of workshops that coach entrepreneurship, forming of teams aimed at entrepreneurship, and a regional idea bank.
Duties of TScP Ltd: TScP participates in all modules and is responsible for the co-ordination of the project.
Contact person in TScP Ltd: Hanna Halme


Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Implementation period: 2015 – 2016
Project partners: 13 partners in the consortium
Funded by: EU
Contents: Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a cross-border exchange programme which gives new or aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to learn from experienced entrepreneurs running small businesses in other Participating Countries. The exchange of experience takes place during a stay with the experienced entrepreneur, which helps the new entrepreneur acquire the skills needed to run a small firm. Likewise the host benefits from fresh perspectives on his/her business and gets the opportunities to co-operate with a new entrepreneur and learn about new markets.
Duties of TScP Ltd: Acts as a local contact point and provide support and assistance throughout the application process.
Contact person in TScP Ltd: Hanna Halme

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FISS Southwest Finland

Implementation period: 1 Sep 2015 – 31 Dec 2016
Project partners: Turku Science Park Ltd, Turku University of Applied Sciences, and the Regional Council of Southwest Finland / Valonia
Funded by: European Regional Development Fund 70% and project partners 30%
Contents: The FISS Southwest Finland project implements the FISS (Finnish Industrial Symbiosis System) operating model developed by Sitra and Motiva in the region. The project will map and support the value chains between enterprises that foster the strengthening of circular economy in Southwest Finland. The goal is to enhance the mutual utilisation of resources and closing of material circulation, as well as generating new business based on circular economy. The FISS Southwest Finland project acts as the starting point for a national and European operating model in the region. After the project the operations can be made a part of the normal operations of the project partner organisations. The key measures of the FISS Southwest Finland project are to collect information on the material flows of the local companies through FISS workshops, enterprise interviews and surveys. The plan is to act in accordance with Motiva’s instructions and requirements as the FISS co-ordinator in Southwest Finland. During the project, the FISS database will be maintained by Turku University of Applied Sciences and the Regional Council of Southwest Finland. In addition, the project will find the bottlenecks in creating new value chains between companies, and actively seek solutions for them together through e.g. surveys and by identifying new partners and introducing them to the companies in the value chain. 1–2 industrial value chains mapped during the project will be selected for which lifecycle calculation will be provided as purchased service.
Duties of TScP Ltd: Turku Science Park shall identify new value chains based on recycling business and support their realisation and   generation of new business. During the project, lifecycle analysis will be conducted for a selected value chain as purchased service.
Contact person in TScP Ltd: Reeta Huhtinen


Game Turku - Game Finland

Implementation period: 1 Apr 2015 – 31 Jul 2016
Funded by: European Regional Development Fund (50%)
Contents: The goal of the project is to lift the game industry in Southwest Finland to a new level by using a national co-operation model. The measures will be directed at increasing expertise, networking of innovation platforms, marketing, support for acquiring capital, co-ordination of publishing activities, and information services. As a result of the project the business of the game industry companies in Southwest Finland and the number of jobs in the game industry will increase, and the game companies will benefit from Finland’s position as the leading developer of mobile games in the world.
Duties of TScP Ltd: TScP Ltd shall be responsible for the implementation of the project.
Contact person in TScP Ltd: Patrik Uhinki 

INKA – Future Health, Turku’s part

Implementation period: 2014 – 2016
Funded by: Tekes
Contents: Within INKA – Future Health operating plan, innovation clusters (partner cities of the project) are profiled according to their own strengths and serve companies as a strong network that enables commercialisation. The work packages of the INKA FH Turku preparation project are organised into 1) preparation, activation and development of a local health ecosystem, and 2) preparation and activation of projects in accordance with national cross-sectional themes.
Duties of TScP Ltd: Administration and implementation of the project. Careful preparation and starting of the INKA – Future Health programme.
Contact person in TScP Ltd: Merja Tieaho


IRIS  (Future Improved Results in Innovation Support – transnational exchange and joint development between Innovation Infrastructure Organisation)

Implementation period: 1 Oct  2017 – 30 Sep 2020
Project partners: 
Dalarna Science Park, Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol Foundation, Latvian Technological Center, Foundation "Ventspils High TechnologyPark", Kaunas Science and Technology Park, Public Institution Open Coffee Club Vilnius, Gdansk Entrepreneurship Foundation, RzeszowRegional Development Agency, DESYGerman Electron-Synchrotron, WITENO GmbH, Business Development Centre Central Denmark, Skåppå Innovation, Fund "Victoria"
Funded by: Baltic Sea Region Interreg
Contents: Main objective is to improve and strengthen management and support capacity in incubator organisations as important Innovation Infrastructures. IRIS will make the target group demonstrate higher management capacityand higher ability to support entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs in five priorityareas.Newsupport instruments will be available as a result of joint brain storming, development and practical tests. Peer reviews as method to evaluate and improve management capacitywill be spread to Innovation Infrastructure Organisations in BSR. 
Duties of TScP Ltd:Work package leader for 2nd activity, contribution to activities 1, 3 and 4.
Contact person in TScP Ltd: Peter Lostedt


LicenseUp - More Business with Immaterial Rights

Implementation period: 1st April 2017 - 31th March 2019
Funded by: European Social Fund (75%)
Contents: LicenseUp project seeks to improve the creative– especially gaming and audiovisual industry SMEs’ capabilities and turnover by improving their ability to utilize immaterial properties more efficiently. The project will, for instance, describe the principles and business models of licensing to lower the bar for entry into the business of creating more value from immaterial rights and to enable the SMEs to take a more holistic approach to licensing. The project will also educate business development organizations nationwide into the matter. In addition to raising awareness and coaching the project will matchmake creative industry SMEs with potential licensees from other industries.
Duties of TScP Ltd:  Administration of the project and implementation of sparring and matchmaking events in different cities in cooperation with regional developers.
Contact person in TScP Ltd: Lotta Mujo

Network of Nordic Business Leaders and Matchmaking with Start-ups (Nordic Network)

Implementation period: 2014 – 2016
Project partners: TScP, Keystone Aps., Connect Väst, Motivation Norja, Växthus Midtjylland Tanska, Accelerate Business Islanti
Funded by: Nordic Innovation
Contents: The project strengthens the co-operation and networking between Nordic start-up companies and experienced corporate executives. The project will create a network of corporate executives which will be available to start-up companies for business development and arranging possible funding.
Duties of TScP Ltd: TScP Ltd contributes to all five work packages in the same way as other consortium members. TScP Ltd has the principal responsibility for work package 5 – Communication and Evaluation Activities, within which we are mainly responsible for arranging a road show for communicating the project and its objectives.
Contact person in TScP Ltd: Juha Achrén

>> Read more in the Nordic Startup Managers project card (PDF in Finnish)


Scandria® 2Act - Sustainable and Multimodal Transport Actions in the Scandinavian-Adriatic Corridor

Implementation period: 1 May 2016 - 30 May 2019
Funded by: Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020
Contents: The project approach of Scandria®2Act follows an initiative of regions located along the Baltic Sea Region stretch of the Scandinavian-Mediterranean Core Network Corridor for a harmonized corridor development. Representing urban as well as multimodal nodes along the corridor, regional development challenges associated with transport are addressed. Main objective is to foster clean, multimodal transport to increase connectivity and competitiveness of corridor regions while minimising negative environmental impact induced by transport. 
Duties of TScP Ltd:  TScP participates in Scandria Corridor Governance -workpackage
Contact person in TScP Ltd: Pipa Turvanen

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Implementation period: 1.10.2015 – 30.9.2018
Project partners:SISP Swedish Incubators & Science Parks, Stockholm, Sweden, Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol, Tallinn, Estonia, Turku Science Park Ltd, Turku, Finland, Västerås Science Park AB, Västerås, Sweden, Posintra Ltd, Porvoo, Finland
Funded by: The total approved amount from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to the project is 1.419.997,25 euro.
Contents:Cities play a significant role in our efforts to reduce the effects of global climate change. Smart cities and innovative urban environments will be the main target of investments in e.g. Africa, Asia and South-America within the next ten years.
For the Central Baltic region to play a significant role in exporting the research and development and innovative solutions developed here, the companies providing smart city solutions need to be supported.
SME2Go focuses on improving the competitiveness of these smart city solution providers. The project brings together SMEs and their knowhow, trains them in sales and marketing skills, provides market intelligence and forms consortia out of these SMEs with readiness to enter new markets. As a result, during the project 3-5 cross-border consortia of Central Baltic smart city SMEs are formed and 2-3 new sales in relevant target markets achieved either during or shortly (1-2 years) after the project implementation.
The project has been approved for funding within the Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020. The Programme is a funding programme financing cross-border cooperation projects in the central Baltic Sea region. The participating countries are Finland (incl. Åland), Estonia, Latvia and Sweden.

Contact person in TScP Ltd: Sami Uusitalo




Implementation period: 1.3.2016 – 28.2.2018
Project partners: Project partners within SPARKS project are Tartu Science Park (Lead Partner) and Turku Science Park Ltd
Funded by: SPARKS project is financed by Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020.
Contents: Sparkling Startups (SPARKS) project's primary goal is to encourage and promote establishment of new joint or cooperating startup companies between Estonia and South-West Finland.
SPARKS aims to achieve this goal via following activities:
- organizing startup events in Estonia and Finland (mainly in Tartu and Turku)
- enabling attendance of major Finnish and Estonian startup events such as SLUSH, Latitude59, Startup Day, SHIFT and others
- offering mentoring for startups in Tartu and Turku
- know-how of local market and contact facilitation for startups by TSP and TuSP staff
- organizing and facilitating cross-border business visits and meetings for startups
- joint events and sharing the news between Turku SparkUp and Tartu SPARK startup communities
- matching and promotion of Turku and Tartu universities student teams and spinoffs-spinouts
Duties of TScP Ltd: We are acting in close collaboration with other players in local startup landscape and ecosystem such as Boost Turku, Humak Creve,  Tartu Biotechnology ParkTartu Creative Industries CentreStartup Hub and others.
Contact person in TScP Ltd: Li Chen

Springboard - Central Baltic Startup Springboard

Implementation period: 1.11.2015 – 31.1.2018
Project partners: Brahea Centre at the University of Turku (FI), Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol (EE), Tallinn University of Technology (EE), Latvia Technology Park (LV), Riga Technical University (LV)
Funded by: Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020. Total funding from the European Regional Development Fund 1.078.053 € of which 299.080 € to Turku Science Park Ltd.
Contents: The main result of the project is an increased capacity to produce international startups in the Central Baltic region, which includes the enhanced support in the process of turning university-based business ideas to viable businesses and fostering of cross-border cooperation in the early stage of business development. The Springboard will achieve new joint or co-operating knowledge intensive Central Baltic companies aiming for rapid growth. Targeted B2B matchmaking activities will alsos be organised.
Duties of TScP Ltd: Turku Science Park Ltd acts as a lead partner and also as a local partner in South-West Finland together with the Brahea Centre at the University of Turku.
Contact person in TScP Ltd: Johanna Puhtila


Start Nordic Initiative

Implementation period: 2014 – 2016
Project partners: Klak Innovit Entrepreneurship Center (Iceland), Iceland Innovation Center, StartupLab and (DK), SUP46 (SWE).
Funded by: Nordic Innovation
Contents: The goal is to help Nordic start-up companies to grow internationally by providing an opportunity to the best of them to visit and present themselves in the world’s leading start-up hubs in Boston, San Francisco, London and Berlin. At the same time, the project will create a Nordic network for supporting the growth of start-up companies and sharing the best practices between Nordic players.
Duties of TScP Ltd: TScP Ltd is responsible for the project in Finland, and its duties include promoting the programme, planning and implementation of the application process for companies, training of companies selected to the programme, and organising the events in Berlin.
Contact person in TScP Ltd: Olli Mankonen