Turku Science Park Ltd
boosts innovative growth

The mission of Turku Science Park Ltd is linked to the well-being of enterprises. Innovative, successful and employing enterprises act as the engine of success for the Turku economic region, because expertise, jobs and profit-making companies also generate other benefits to share.

The operations and personnel of Turku Region Development Centre were transferred to Turku Science Park Ltd from 1 July 2016. As a result of the merger, Turku Science Park Ltd will provide in the future all business and enterprise services in the 11 municipalities in the Turku region.

Our services cover the entire lifecycle of entrepreneurial activities, ranging from testing a business idea and establishing a company to internationalisation and expanding of international business operations.

Business with a high level of expertise requires close co-operation between universities, enterprises and the public sector. Turku Science Park Ltd is a business policy company owned by the City of Turku and acts as a strategic partner of universities and enterprises, both start-ups and operational, growth-seeking ones. We serve all lines of business, but our focal fields are biotechnology (BioTurku® – life science), information and communication technology (ICT), chemical industry and cleantech, future technologies (manufacturing industry, maritime industry), as well as experience industry (games, movies).

Turku Science Park Ltd is an independent and impartial expert company which has promoted the business operations of SMEs based on leading know-how for more than 25 years. Our services are in general free of charge for our customers.